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Cheltenham Animal Shelter Vets (CASVET)

CASVET is a Veterinary Practice that is a joint partnership between Cheltenham Animal Shelter and Dragon Veterinary Centre. It has been helping animals since 1926.

The aim of Casvet is to offer affordable, good quality veterinary care to all pet owners, and to provide a source of income to help towards the running costs of looking after the animals in the care of the Shelter. All of the Veterinary Surgeons working at CASVET are fully qualified with a number of years experience. There are also full time qualified Veterinary Nurses and Nursing Assistants on the staff to assist the Vets and provide useful advice and information about your pet.

They also take in rescue dogs from Gloucestershire Constabulary as well as rehoming dogs, cats and small animals from owners who can no longer look after them for a variety of reasons.

The Practice is able to offer a full range of Veterinary Services including a variety of surgical procedures as well as full out of hours emergency cover.

This practice is Vetsure Accredited. Find out more about The Vetsure Network.