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Heath Lodge Veterinary Group

Situated close to the centre of St. Albans, Heath Lodge have been taking care of local animals for over 100 years (established in 1898).  They’re a single-centre veterinary clinic with experienced and friendly staff, providing all the diagnostic equipment and hospitalisation facilities on site.

Services include:

> Consultations
> Hospital admittance
> Home visits
> General pet health advice and guidance
> Prescriptions
> Pet Health products

There has been a veterinary practice at Heath Lodge since 1904 when the majority of veterinary patients would have been working horses.

As you enter Heath Lodge at the main entrance you will notice two large double doors to your left. These are the original doors to the coach house.

During the 1950s, Heath Lodge was owned and run by two veterinary surgeons, Arthur Shenton and Tom Dean. By the 1980s, Mr Shenton had retired and Tom Dean was joined by his son, Stephen, who currently remains as Principal of the practice.

Up until 2001, Heath Lodge was a “mixed” practice caring for farm animals and horses in the area as well as cats, dogs and other family pets. However, due to the gradual decline of farming in South Hertfordshire, it was decided that Heath Lodge would dedicate itself to the care of “companion” animals (cats, dogs, rabbits and other small pets).

This practice is Vetsure Accredited. Find out more about The Vetsure Network.