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St Clair Veterinary Care

At St Clair, they are there to provide your pets with expert veterinary care whenever they need it. They hope your visit to St Clair will be both relaxing and enjoyable.

They see themselves as ‘different’ and hope it doesn’t feel like sitting in your average vet’s waiting room. They’re usually playing with their patients on the floor to make the visit less of a ‘white coat’ experience and more enjoyable so they’re keen to come back, making it less stressful for both you and your pet.

As a small practice, they offer a great service – and the personalised support you value. Whether you are just seeking some advice from a veterinary nurse, or are in need of veterinary treatment, they are here to care for your pets.

They understand how special your pet is and have developed their services to ensure they have the best possible chance of a long and healthy life. Their aim is to offer you quality veterinary care and a friendly personal service. To achieve this high level of care we provide a comprehensive range of facilities and expertise.

This practice is Vetsure Accredited. Find out more about The Vetsure Network.