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Trusted Vets

Trusted Vets provides a full range of services for all your animal needs with a huge wealth of knowledge and experience. Our veterinary professionals can confidently carry out any veterinary tasks and surgery when required.

Trusted Vets is a family orientated veterinary clinic consisting of a fabulous team of professionals. Our business owners have a huge passion for animals with a wealth of experience behind them. Their vision has always been to offer only the best and sincere animal care and veterinary treatments keeping that traditional approach.

This practice is Vetsure Accredited. Find out more about The Vetsure Network.

Trusted vets also offers a Vetsure Pet Health Plan

Pet Health Plan members also benefit from 5% off a Vetsure Pet Insurance policy for the same dog, cat, puppy or kitten.

When you take out a Vetsure Pet Health Plan the discount can be applied to the Vetsure Pet Insurance policy whether you’re taking out a new policy OR when an existing policy renews.

Note that our Pet Health Plan is NOT a pet insurance product. Pet insurance is aimed at providing cover for the treatment of unforeseen accidents or illnesses and does not typically cover preventative healthcare costs.