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Whiteley Village Vet Centre

Whiteley Village Vet Centre Ltd is commonly known as Whiteley Vets.  They are an independent practice situated in Whiteley, Hampshire, aiming to provide top quality veterinary care to the pets of Whiteley, the Hamble Valley, Fareham and the surrounding area including the M27 corridor.

They aim to provide almost everything your pet may need medically or surgically with a totally honest open approach, keeping you involved in key decision making where appropriate. Whiteley pride themselves on their integrity and in their absolute utter belief that your pet genuinely comes first.

The practice has been set up by Cara Golden (BVM&S MRCVS) and her partner, Martin Moody, who is the Business Director, leaving Cara free to concentrate on clinical matters. As many people in the area know, Cara used to be Senior Vet at Harbour Vets Southsea running that clinic for approx. 5 years, and before that was at their Havant branch for nearly 5 years. She spent her initial working years in referral practice, and has always strived to do the best possible job in everything that she undertakes. We have designed and built a state of the art, purpose built facility to enable us to continue to provide your pets with the optimal possible care.

One of Cara’s biggest prides, however, is that most patients pull to get IN to the surgery, and are relaxed and happy when in the clinic. She unashamedly spoils her patients, with a magically refilling sweetie box, and few canine patients who need to go onto the table. This makes their visits much more pleasant, and keeps all of our stress levels down – no one likes to see unhappy pets.

Mobile MRI scanner comes to the practice approximately once a month.

This practice is Vetsure Accredited. Find out more about The Vetsure Network.