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Wigmore Veterinary Centre

The staff at Wigmore will provide the highest level of care for your pets as well as excellent personal customer service for you.  One of their principles is to always do what they say – if they promise to call, they will.

You will get written, tailored treatment plans designed specifically for you and your pet’s needs.  Wigmore give estimates for all recommended procedures, but will always discuss alternative options wherever necessary.

At Wigmore they have a three vet team –  Andrew, Duncan and Carina. – both very experienced.   So you will see one or other of them and not a whole series of different vets which can happen at some practices.

In addition to the vets Wigmore have highly trained and skilled, qualified nurses led by Sarah Sonley, as well as a team of dedicated receptionists led by Sarah Miller.

Services offered include:  free convenient parking, 24 hour service, x-rays, dentistry, surgery and lab on site, pet health and food products and much more.  Consultations are by appointment.

This practice is Vetsure Accredited. Find out more about The Vetsure Network.