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My Pet Has Arthritis (Vetsure for Kids – Part 6)

We often associate arthritis with our grandparents, as it’s quite common among the older generation. But arthritis in pets is also common too, especially when they get older. This article, supported by the Vetsure for Kids Pet Pack, will help your children to understand arthritis in pets and what they can do to help.

What is Arthritis in Pets?

Arthritis in pets is a common condition where their bones become inflamed and can cause pain or discomfort. The bones become less smooth and often rub against each other. Arthritis is very common in older pets, especially in dogs over 8 years old, but no matter the age or species, any animal can suffer with the condition. It’s important you visit the vets as soon as possible for advice and a diagnosis if you think your pet may be suffering with arthritis.

Explaining Arthritis in Pets to Your Child

Now that you have a diagnosis of arthritis from the vets, you’ll want to put your child’s mind at ease. It can be a challenge explaining any kind of medical condition to our little ones, so explaining what’s happening in a way they can understand, and relate to, will really help. Here’s an example of how you may want to explain arthritis in pets to your child.

“In our bodies, we have bones, which are nice and strong, they help us move around and dance and play! Pets have bones just like us, and sometimes their bones aren’t as strong as they should be, we call this arthritis, this makes our pet’s bones bumpy and can ache or hurt them.

Having sore bones, isn’t very fun at all and you might notice that your pet doesn’t want to play with you as much or jump around like they used too. This is okay, your pet still loves you very much, their bones just get sore very quickly and so they need a lot of time to rest to make them feel better, so they can play with you again when their bones improve!”

What Can Your Child Do to Help Care For Their Pet?

Now that your child understands what’s happening, they may have a lot of questions and want to know how they can help care for their pet. It’s very important that we explain the dangers of children touching medicine, and make sure they never try to give it to their pet. You may want to keep the medicine out of sight and reach of little hands. It’s also important to communicate to your child that only grown-ups are allowed to give the medicine to their pets.

Their strong love for their pet will mean they may want to care for them too. You could give your children tasks to do so they can help your pet feel better, as children will often want to feel included.

An example of this may be allowing your children to make sure your pet has a comfy, padded bed to rest on, as this will help their sore bones feel better. Soft, fluffy cushions and blankets can help with this, and of course your pet’s favorite teddy to help them sleep! Your child can be in charge of making sure your pet’s bed is super comfy at all times!

But if your pet is sleeping or relaxing on their super comfy bed, it’s important that we leave them to rest as their bones may be hurting them.

Vetsure for Kids – Arthritis Pet Pack

Our Vetsure for Kids Pet Pack includes lots of helpful tips for explaining arthritis in pets to your children and will show them the do’s and dont’s of caring for your pet’s bad bones. We have even included some worksheets and an arthritis diary for your children to fill out so they can keep track of their pet every day! At the end of the booklet, you’ll find a certificate which can be awarded to your children for all their hard work caring for their furry friend!

Download your free Vetsure for Kids Pet Pack designed by our senior claim’s assessor, Veterinary nurse, mum and pet owner, Amey Montgomery.

Vetsure Pet Insurance

Treatment for arthritis can often be a concern as your pet may need this for the rest of their life. Rest assured, with Vetsure Pet Insurance, all our policies are lifelong, which means that if your pet develops arthritis whilst you have an active policy with Vetsure then we would look to cover the condition for as long as your pet lives, so long as the condition was not pre-existing.

Get your Vetsure Pet Insurance quote, or give our friendly customer service team a call on 0800 050 2022, to find out more.