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Vetsure for Kids Pet Packs

At Vetsure, we’ve introduced our wonderful Vetsure for Kids Pet Packs, created by Amey Montgomery. Amey is one of our fabulous Claims Assessors and is also a Veterinary Nurse, so she really knows her stuff!

For a huge number of families, seeing their children grow up alongside a family pet is an utter joy. Watching their bond strengthen over the years and allowing children the opportunity to care for and nurture their best friend is undoubtedly a wonderful thing. It’s a sad fact however, that a pet is likely to get poorly at some point in their life, something that can be very difficult to rationalise to the little people in your life.

These packs aim to help young children and families get to grips with some of the more difficult issues when it comes to owning a pet. They provide parents with an insight into how to tackle these difficult subjects, how to reassure their children and even suggest what your children can do to help. These include topics such as common diseases, like diabetes and epilepsy, providing a simple and child-friendly way of explaining these conditions in a sensitive and less scary way! The packs also touch on pet re-homing, introducing a new puppy or kitten to the family, and one of the hardest topics when owning a pet, dealing with loss.

Our Pet Packs have been a great success so far and have been highly praised by the vets in our network! To see available Pet Packs and to download your free packs today, check out the list below:

Addison’s Disease



Cushing’s Disease

Dry Eye



Poorly Heart


Skin Allergies

My Pet Eats Everything

Ben Loves Socks

My Cat is Deaf

My Dog is Deaf

My New Puppy

My New Kitten

My Pet Cat

My Pet Dog

My Senior Cat

My Senior Dog


Rehoming a Pet

Pet Loss