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Direct claims – an explanation

A ‘direct claim’ is a claim that is settled directly with your vet.  You would pay your vet any applicable excess and for the cost of any treatments not covered on your policy and the balance of the claim is paid by your insurer to your vet.

Many popular pet insurance providers promote ‘direct claims’ as a benefit as most insurers do not mind whether they pay the vet or policy holder for the claim, provided they have the signed consent of the policy holder.

However, many vets will not allow direct claims as some insurers can take a long time to pay the claims. This can cause serious cash flow issues for the vet. So, in reality, the ability to undertake ‘direct claims’ is at the discretion of your vet irrespective of whether the insurance provider allows it or not. Speak to your vet for advice before taking out a policy.

The good news is that Vetsure-affiliated clinics are happy for Vetsure claims to be processed directly – as they are confident that they will receive payment promptly.  Therefore, Vetsure clients need only pay the excess for eligible treatments and the insurer will settle the balance with the vet.