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Fun Garden Games for Dogs

Our dogs must be so confused right now! With the majority of us spending more and more time indoors they are spoilt with all the extra attention! It is essential that during this time, we and our beloved dogs keep moving. This can prove to be quite tricky now with the added measures in place to keep us inside, which is why we have come up with a few fun games for dogs to help keep both yourself and your energetic pup happy and active!

Bubble Bash

Bubbles are a really fun activity for both kids and your furry friend. Your dog will love trying to catch them! Blow them away from your dog’s face and then encourage them to chase after them! Check the ingredient list of the brand you have, however most bubbles are harmless and contain non- toxic ingredients. If in doubt how about creating your own doggy friendly bubble mixture?

Doggy Dance

Dancing can be a great alternative way to bond with your dog. You can choose your pawfect pup playlist on Spotify and then encourage your dog to dance along with you! Dancing with your pet is not only really fun but is an excellent way to improve their discipline and mental well-being. It can also help towards improving their behaviour.

Hide and Seek

It doesn’t need to be a nice day outside in order to play hide and seek! Getting them to wait whilst you hide and then learn to find you can help with training them and can also help with behaviour and discipline! You might also find it works with anxiety as they get used to not being able to see you, as if you were out of the house.

Scavenger Hunt

With Easter just around the corner, why not do a scavenger hunt?! Instead of hiding Easter eggs (remember not to give dogs any dangerous foods like chocolate!) try hiding carrots or sliced up pieces of hot dogs as an added treat. Allowing your furry friend to sniff out and discover all the surprises helps break up their day and gives them a bit of a run around as well! A hot dog is considered a “high value” treat for your dog – they will love you for it and listen more hoping to get another one! And are cost effective too, as you can easily get 25-30 treats out of the one hot dog! Bonus!

Fetch the toy

Playing fetch isn’t just limited to the park! Throwing your doggy companion’s favourite soft toy and getting them to fetch and bring it back is a great high energy game for them! You could also turn this into a relay race meaning both you and the dog get the exercise! Run to the end of the garden getting them to chase you then let them run away with it whilst you chase then and then repeat back and forth!


These are perfect for a sunny spring day and are a creative way to kill some time! Stir together diced apple and chicken stock or broth. Once mixed, pour into your lolly moulds and freeze overnight. Then you have them ready for when you feel your beloved pup deserves a yummy treat! These are great after a high energy game of chase or fetch the toy!

Whilst it is so important to spend time with your pet during these times, please ensure you are not over indulging them. Similar to us humans, we need to make sure that treats are for special occasions and one-offs. It is so easy to over-indulge during these times (humans too!) so make sure you limit your pet treats where you can!) You can read more about how not to overindulge during self isolation on our website.