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Reducing stress in our feline friends during Covid 19

Whilst our beloved dogs may be thrilled to have us at home more these last few months, and some cats like extra company, some feline characters actually become increasingly stressed and anxious at the first changes of habit. Stressed kitties are certainly not what you want, and one of the problems suffered by such cats include cystitis. To help your cat companion combat their stress woes, we recommend trying the below advice from our friends at Milton Keynes veterinary group. They have also created a really helpful presentation which you can listen to here.

Our cats love routine. They get on well in a routine and they often don’t like anything disrupting that routine. On a normal work week we tend to be out of the house for multiple hours, allowing them to catch up on some well needed sleep, explore the quietness of the garden and just doing whatever they see fit!

During lockdown, as we are spending more time at home, this is disrupting their usual routine. Normal things for us could be considered stressful for your feline, such as moving furniture, painting that room you’ve always been meaning to do, or even sorting those dreaded weeds in the garden.    




Cats like having their own resources and tend to not like sharing them. You can help them out by providing some resources for them.






If your cat is struggling with symptoms of cystitis or is appearing more stressed or anxious than normal, you should contact your local vet practice directly. For examples of emergencies, you can take a look at our infographic here. Thank you to the lovely Milton Keynes Veterinary Group for providing us with all this useful information! To listen to their presentation regarding the things you have read in this article, please visit their Facebook page.

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