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Pet Insurance – How Much Cover Do I need?

Acquiring a new puppy or kitten can be a tremendously exciting time, but it can also be relatively expensive.  Collars, leads, beds, toys, food – the shopping list goes on!  Pet Insurance can tend to be towards the bottom of this list and, until you need to make a claim, its value can be hard to perceive. 

The temptation, of course, would be to select cover based predominantly on price.  But are all pet insurance policies created equal?  As you might expect, the answer is ‘no’ – and the total amount of cover available, and the duration over which you can continue to claim, can vary greatly.  Some policies (“lifelong policies”) will continue to cover conditions for the life of the pet (providing cover is kept in place of course) whilst others may only cover up to a maximum financial limit and / or for a specified period of time – typically 12 months from the onset of the condition.   

Of course, you will have needs unique to you, your pet and your budget and, as such, you will need to select the cover that best fulfil these needs.  If you are concerned about covering the cost of treating long-term conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, chronic skin conditions, then you may want to consider a “lifelong policy”.  All Vetsure policies are “lifelong” with cover that fully reinstates at each renewal.   

But how much cover is enough cover??  The amount of money available to treat each condition will vary by provider and the choice can be baffling – especially for new pet owners who may not be as familiar with the typical costs of veterinary treatment.  A good starting point would be to speak to your local vet and ask for information about the cost of the common surgical procedures in the event of injury and ongoing costs associated with long-term illnesses. Just be aware that this will could vary depending on the size and weight of your pet.  For example, the amount of medication required to treat a Chihuahua will be very different to the dose for a Great Dane.

Ultimately, we would love for it to be straight forward for you to know exactly how much cover you are likely to need. We agree, it shouldn’t be complicated at all.  That is why we have provided a breakdown of costs, alongside each Vetsure policy, so you are more aware of what you may need, should something happen to your beloved pet. Also under our How much cover do you need page, you will find information about the proportion of claims that we have received in the past, that meet or exceed customers benefit limits on their policies. We really hope that this allows you to make a more informed choice when selecting the cover that is right for you, and your gorgeous new pet!

Not got your beloved new family member yet? We also have lots of advice on what to expect and do if you’re looking to adopt or purchase your new furry friend.

And remember, if you are ever in doubt about your pets needs, or if they are acting out of sorts, please speak to your local vet practice for advice. For further information regarding taking out a pet insurance policy, or a Pet Health Plan, please feel free to call our friendly team on 0800 050 2022. You can also get a quick quote online if you are short on time.