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Top 5 Cat Accessories this Summer

Cats are independent creatures and tend to not crave as much attention as dogs. We doubt your fluff ball would want to be taken for a stroll around the park, or play a fun game of fetch, or go for a quick cool down and paddle in the lake, but we bet they do love an extra fuss every now and then. Why not treat them to some fabulous new cat accessories! 

Our top 5 cat accessories this summer will be sure to leave yours feline fine.  

1. Microchipping – A microchip is a small, electronic chip which is roughly the size of a grain of rice. It is a requirement to microchip dogs; however it is not as much of a requirement when it comes to cats. So why should you microchip your bundle of fluff? Not only does it allow for the vets to return them to you, should they get lost but it will never need to be replaced either as it lasts a lifetime. Microchipping is a really quick, simple and painless procedure that drastically reduces the amount of homeless cats on the street and in adoption shelters. Even if your cat is an indoor cat, it is worth microchipping them in case they manage to sneak out an open window.

2. Flea treatment – Fleas and ticks are a common nuisance for all cats and their owners. It is therefore wise to provide your puss with a suitable flea treatment that will protect them from such irritating bugs. Regular flea treatment is the only way you can prevent fleas and ticks from attacking. Fleas can be difficult to detect in long haired breeds so it is best to target them early and prevent them from occurring.

Contact your local vet for more information on how to provide your cat with a suitable flea treatment.

3. Cat scratcher – Scratching is a very common behaviour amongst cats. It can be frustrating when they decide the sofa is the perfect scratching tool – or those new curtains you just put up! However, it is essential to encourage their natural instinct to scratch. A cat scratching post is an easy and affordable way to encourage your cat to scratch their claws without causing damage to your furnishings. Scratching their claws regularly helps them to shed loose layers from their claws. This keeps them healthy and sharp, ready for the day ahead. A tall scratching post will also assist your cat in stretching their whole body.  This is an integral part to keeping your cat’s muscles in perfect shape.

4. A Smart Feeder – We all need a holiday now and then. Your cat on the other hand would probably much rather stay behind in the comfort of their own home. If you’re due to be away for a prolonged amount of time and your cat sitter can’t pop in regularly, it may be an idea to purchase a smart feeder. A smart feeder will allow you to schedule and manage your feeding time and portion sizes for your cat. With an easily accessible app on your smart phone and built in cameras, it’s really easy to keep track of your cat’s food supply and monitor whether the cat sitter actually comes!

5. Cat brush – You are probably very aware of the fact your cat sheds hair – a lot! Cats shed hair all year round and constantly have dead hair embedded in their fur. All this dead hair needs to be removed along with dust, dirt and fleas, should they have any. A quick brush from head to tail will ensure everything is brushed out. Not only does brushing your cat clear away the dead hair but it also helps to spread your cat’s natural oils across their fur. This improves circulation and keeps your felines coat healthy and shiny. Many cats absolutely love being brushed as they find it relaxing. You will for sure be in their good books if you can get in the habit of brushing them regularly. If your cat is long-haired, you should aim to brush them every few days.

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