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We’ve got a new look!

We are so pleased to announce that our website has a fresh new look! We love it, and we really hope that you do too!

You should find that everything is smoother and easier to access, with lots of helpful ways to check up on your Vetsure policy.

What you can expect to discover

News and Pet Advice – We always try to write up about commonly asked subjects on our News and Pet advice page. From new ways to exercise your pet and how to choose the best food for them, to information on how you can reduce stress or combat separation anxiety when you return to work. Make sure to check back here often as we are always adding more helpful, informative articles!

Your local Vetsure accredited practice – We have partnered with hundreds of vets across the UK and are proud to have them all within the Vetsure Network. There are many positives to choosing a vet practice within our network. You will benefit from lower a lower excess amount and the overall claims process will be so much easier as together, we and your veterinary practice deal with all the stressful bits. You can find your local vetsure practice here.

Policy and claims information – Are you looking to insure a new pet? You can discover which policies will be the best choice for you and your companion. We have three core policy types which you can then tailor to suit your needs and requirements. Also, if you do select a vet within our network, you could have your claim settled in as little as 24 hours, via our e-claims system. If not, that’s fine too! Because we have an instant downloadable claims form, as well as a helpful information guide on how you can send us your claim.

How much cover do you need? – We understand that it may be so difficult to predict how much cover you may need for your pet. This is why we have created a simple table to help you decide how much cover you will need. We are unable to give you advice on what to do, but are of course happy to chat through all our policies in detail for you over the phone, if anything does need clarifying.

Instant online quotes – Instant, no obligation, quotes are now available! Simply go to our Quick Quote and you can receive a quote from us within a few seconds. This is a great feature if you are still looking around and exploring different policies as there is no commitment with our quick quote.

All frequently asked questions are answered on our new website too, but if there is anything that is not covered, or you’re confused about anything regarding your current or possible future policy, please do contact us on 0800 050 2022. One of our friendly team will be more than happy to help!