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Working From Home with your Cat

Our cats must be so confused right now! With the majority of us spending more and more time indoors they no longer have the whole house to themselves! No more sneaky naps on your bed, no more secret clawing on the sofa and no more digging out all the hidden treats- they think you don’t know!  During this hard time, we thought we would lighten the mood and share our experiences of working from home with our cats!

Button Bash

Put your hands up if your cat loves to jump up and sit right in the middle of your laptop. We know for sure our cat’s do this! They absolutely love to sit wherever is most inconvenient for you! If it’s not the laptop keyboard, it’s half sat on the desk and half sprawled over your lap. We think they do it to get back at us for being at home, if they can annoy us just enough we might end up leaving the house and going back to the office… then again, maybe it’s just because the keyboard is warm. We think they’re plotting personally.

Googly Glares

Have you ever walked out of a room to see your cat just sat in another room with their eyes wide open, glaring straight at you? They’re watching you. Wherever you go in the house, they know. They will sneak up and get right under your feet when you least expect it.

78 Naps Later

Never wake a sleeping cat. But they look so peaceful. Their fur is all soft and fluffed up – just one stroke… one tiny little touch…. And they snap. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Hide and Seek

How many sleeping places and hiding spots do you reckon your cat has? We think it’s at least 102. And whatever you do don’t leave the cupboard door of your desk open. They will climb in and make that their home too. If the bed, the sofa, the windowsill, under the bed and the wardrobe aren’t enough sleeping spots already! Our cats know that they are the reigning champion of hide and seek. Our favourite hiding spot we’ve come across of theirs so far is between the bed and the bedside table! How do they even get down there?!

Brush me like one of your felines, Jack

Cat’s love to groom themselves. A lot. Eat, sleep, groom, repeat. They always manage to get into the most uncomfortable looking position ever too. Sat up with their legs sprawled out in front is a classic cat position we love! You can help them out with their grooming ritual by giving them a good brush

Sunshine Snoozers

With spring on our doorstep our cats are eager to get their early sunbathing on. As it’s still a bit chilly outside, they make the warmest patch of carpet their snoozing spot, right in front of the window, where the sun shines the most!

Food Amnesia

A fun trick cat’s love to play on their owners is food amnesia. We have all seen it. The blatant “forgetting” that they ate just 5 minutes ago. We aren’t going to fall for that. Oldest trick in the book! It’s worth always leaving a bowl of water down for your kitty though as sometimes they may just be thirsty.

Gotta love ‘em!  Whilst it is so important to spend time with your pet during these times, please ensure you are not over-indulging them. Similar to us humans, we need to make sure that treats are for special occasions and one-offs. It is so easy to over-indulge during these times (humans too!) so make sure you limit your pet treats where you can!) You can read more about how not to overindulge during self-isolation on our website.