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Cat Christmas Treats – Why is Your Cat so Excited for Christmas?

So, let’s be honest. We know deep down that our cats probably don’t know what Christmas is, or who Santa Claus is, or properly understands why we’ve suddenly put a fully-grown tree up in the middle of the living room. But we like to think they get excited over the holidays too. There are lots of cat Christmas treats that get them excited for this time of year, and here are just a few: 

Extra shopping = Extra boxes!

Yes, it is no secret that cats love boxes. They love hiding in boxes, they love sleeping in boxes, they love pouncing out of boxes and they love pouncing back into boxes. They love rubbing the side of their head on boxes and sometimes they even like to gnaw on the corner of boxes. So, it’s safe to say that this time of year they can look forward to finding a brand new box! Amongst all the box fort fun though, make sure to recycle any boxes your furry feline hasn’t claimed as theirs. 

Even more treats!

Every time your cat hears the rustle of their treats wrapper they come running, and this time every year, the rustle happens every day! What’s not exciting about that?! With cat treat stockings dangling and kitty advent calendars lurking around the place it won’t be a surprise if they manage to sneak up and rip the whole thing to shreds within minutes! Just remember though, that cat treats are very similar to tucking into a box of chocolates for us humans! Whilst it is nice to indulge a little at Christmas, make sure to only feed your cat treats in line with guidelines on the packaging, to avoid them piling on the pounds this festive season!

Baubles and various other hanging objects

The day your Christmas tree goes up is the day your, perhaps once chilled cat, goes wild. Bauble ping pong, decoration paw punches, playing football with scrunched up balls of wrapping paper and the tree climbing championships. That’s right, they’re busy beating their world record with how quickly they can climb up the tree… and then how quickly they can tackle the tree and bring it all the way back down! If all that doesn’t excite them enough, they’ve still got the fairy lights twinkling all over the wall to chase too!   

New toys

If your cat’s been good this year, they are keen to receive some new toys! They may look forward to getting a brand new cat scratcher, perhaps a new bed, a cheeky catnip mouse or even a funky new collar. If that doesn’t float their boat there’s always those brand new clothes you’ve just unwrapped for yourself, or the nice clean duvet you’ve just put on the bed for them to get fluffy and muddy instead.  If you’re really lucky (not!) they may even get you a present in the form of garden creatures…

Extra attention

Amongst all the chaos, shopping, wrapping and food preparations, what they look forward to the most is all the extra attention you give them. So make sure to sit down and relax this year and give your furry family member some extra time and head rubs, because that’s what Christmas is really about. With all the festive films to re-watch again and again this year, means more opportunity to jump up and sit on your lap too.


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