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Halloween and Dogs

Dogs may be scared of fireworks and a little bit cautious and protective when it comes to trick or treaters knocking on your door, but one thing’s for sure, they will love spending some time with you this popular season! We’ve got a fabulous list of activities that perfectly match Halloween and dogs for the pawfect time. 

So, whether you have a quiet lap pup, or a proper party pooch, you can be sure to find something to do with your best buddy this Howl-oween!

Here are our top three things to do with your dashing dog this autumn.

  1. Take them to a dog friendly pumpkin patch – Nothing screams autumn more than a pumpkin patch and taking your doggy along makes it all the more fun! Find some pumpkin patches that have some dog friendly walking routes, and allow dogs into the pumpkin area, as many pumpkin patches are working farms and may not allow dogs. You can find some dog friendly patches here.
  2. Carve a puppy pumpkin – It can be really fun to carve a pumpkin that looks just like your furry friend.  There are some free dog pumpkin carving patterns and stencils here that you could use. They have stencils for Dachshund’s, Labrador’s and pugs to name just a few!
  3. Watch a scary movie with your dog – Many dogs love to snuggle up and completely avoid trick or treaters and fireworks! If your dog is just like this, why not cosy up with lots of blankets and watch a scary movie with them. The warmth and presence of your dog being with you during the scary parts of the film can be really comforting and reassuring. You could even use the blankets to make a little spooky cave for you both to hide in during the scary bits! And your buddy most likely will be happy with some healthy treats whilst you tuck into your popcorn!

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