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Our Brand New Vetsure HQ

Since Vetsure’s birth in 2009, we have come a long way. 2023 was an incredible year for us, being able to expand our team, grow our business and most importantly, continue to provide care for more pets across the UK. And the start of 2024 has been no exception! Even in these first few weeks, Vetsure has made a big step by moving to our brand-new office! This move has been a big project over the last few months, and we cannot thank our team enough for all their hard work and dedication.

Throughout 2023, Vetsure has grown considerably, not only regarding the number of pets we serve, but also our team. We have taken on many new team members across multiple departments to help streamline and progress our business, as it is our top priority to ensure we are well equipped to provide the best quality service. Equally, this larger space allows us to come together as a team and collaborate to generate new ideas and find ways to continue to nurture the Vetsure vision.

Looking to the future, we are certain that the team and business will continue to grow, which has been another key contributor to our office move. We now have the ability to employ more HQ based staff, now and, in the future, allowing us to continue to provide excellence customer service to all our valued customers.

The new office will also serve as an energising and vibrant space for our staff to help motivate and nurture the team’s morale. The goal with this space was to provide a bright, open workspace where staff can work in a peaceful environment. To celebrate the Vetsure mission, we had added themed wall designs not only to enhance the aesthetic of the space but also to motivate the team to continue to drive the business vision forward. Our breakout room is equipped with a pool table and bean bag area to ensure the team have somewhere to unwind after a busy morning of championing customer service. The office also boasts a selection of standing desks to give them opportunity to take a break from their seats and stretch their legs throughout the day.

We are incredibly proud of how far we have come and to see our wonderful team settle into our new home over the past week has been a delight. We look forward to many more milestones at our new HQ! To read more about Vetsure and our story, click here.