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Being an Employee Owned Vet Clinic

At Vetsure, we work with a number of independent vet practices up and down the UK, from up in the Scottish Highlands, down to Penzance in Cornwall. We’re always looking for ways to celebrate the vets within our network for the continuous hard work they display as well as their dedication to innovation and hard work. A glowing example are two practices within the Vetsure Accredited Network, Hitchin Veterinary Surgery and Pennard Vets. These two veterinary groups are employee owned establishments, which means the practice itself and the staff benefit greatly from a number of factors and ultimately leads them to providing the best care possible for pets in the local community.

These two practices put pet care at the forefront of what they do, and being employee owned allows them to go the extra mile for your beloved pet. But what does this mean?

What does ‘employee-owned’ mean?

An employee owned practice means both the staff and the clients of the practice benefit. The staff are able to have more ability to steer the practice in the direction they want it to go, such as investing in new equipment or training to improve their skills, overall creating a better working environment and atmosphere. Not only does it create a better practice, but the vets feel more empowered with their work.

And most importantly, this leads to the practice being able to provide the highest level of care for the pets they treat. As a pet owner, you will know that taking your pet to a trusted vet is so important for not only your pet, but also for your peace of mind knowing they’re receiving the best treatment. You know that your pet is being treated from someone who genuinely cares and the values of the practice are set out by those looking after your pet.

When a pet is unwell, it’s one of the most stressful and worrying times, but you can be assured that the staff at both Pennard and Hitchin will do their best to help you in any way they can.

Hitchin Veterinary Surgery

As of 12th May 2023, Hitchin Veterinary Surgery were very happy to announce that they became an Employee Owned Trust (EOT) practice, allowing them to give power back to the employees to ensure they remain a tight-knit and efficient team.

Since launching in 2016, they have proven to be an incredibly passionate and caring practice, where the pets they care for is at the heart of everything they do. It’s clear that this practice value their staff, and every member is celebrated for their hard work.

On their opening day, they were inundated with new clients and registrations ready for their opening, and since then, they have grown so much, receiving an outstanding 35 Practice of the Year nominations in one year.

Pennard Vets

Holding the title of the largest employee owned vet group in the world, with 125 years of service, Pennard Vets are proud to be a pioneer of the industry. They focus on treating small animals, with 5 practices across the Kent area.

Being an employee-owned establishment allows their employees to shape the future of the practice, such as their employee benefit scheme and how profits are reinvested into the company. This determines what equipment they buy and therefore how the pets are treated!

Another testament to their tireless work, in 2022, Pennard Vets became a classified B Corp establishment, which means they go above and beyond to “voluntarily meet higher standards of transparency, accountability, and performance.”

Vetsure Pet Insurance

Hitchin Veterinary Surgery and Pennard Vets work with us as a part of the Vetsure Accredited Network. If you’re considering pet insurance for your pet, take a look at Vetsure’s policies which can be tailored to suit your and your pet’s needs. Insurance can help with unexpected veterinary costs and there’s no waiting period for the cover to start for accidents. Get a quick quote now or give our friendly customer service team a call on 0800 050 2022.