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Top 5 Dog Friendly Days Out

It can be hard to keep yourself and your dog interested when walking around the same fields each day. Give your precious pup a walk they will remember with lots of fun things to see and sniff. With so many new, exciting and interesting places around the UK that both of you can explore together, you won’t want to miss out. Here are our top 5 dog friendly days out: 

1.Railway Rambles

Feel the wind in your fur at Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway! Dogs and children under 5 go free on this fun day out. Enjoy a 28 mile round trip of stunning Cotswold scenery, from Cheltenham Racecourse to Cheltenham Broadway. There are picnic areas available at Toddington and Winchcombe which your furry friend will love too! If you pick up a copy of their “Railway Rambles” leaflet you can find 12 dog friendly walking routes that start from each of the stations as well.

2. Doggy dine for two

If you’re feeling generous after a big stroll, why not treat your pup to a full roast dinner?! A pub that puts your pooches on par with us humans is The Brandling Villa in Newcastle. Here you can spoil your special dog to a Woof dog beer or a Pawsecco and a roast dinner complete with either chicken or soft beef brisket, yorkshire pudding and dog-friendly beef gravy. He will be very thankful to you afterwards! 

3. Pup awards 

If your dog wants more than just a lovely walk or a trip to the pub, test his skills with a game of Pass the Parcel, Musical Sits or Egg and Spoon Obstacle race. The All about Dogs show tours throughout the UK this summer. They can get involved in frisbee catching, diving and aqua sports or practice their agility with a range of fun courses. If you do manage to catch your canine on camera, be sure to tag us in it on Instagram and Facebook! We’d love to see!

4. Pup-up Cafes

There are a wide range of pop up cafes for specific breed dogs scattered around London. From Pug and Pals Pug Party and The Great Sausage Walk to the Beagle Bonanza and Bulldog meetup, your best friend is bound to make a new buddy of his own. Or, give your Whippet boundless energy and zoomies with their own Whippet Up and Out event.

5. Wild Walkies 

Fancy something different to your usual walk? Visit Hampton Court Palace in Surrey. You can take your dog for a stroll around the Rose Gardens, The Courtyard, The Wilderness and The Tiltyard as well as the Woodland areas. Even better, all areas where you and your dog can visit together are completely free!