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Vetsure are Finalists in Two Major Insurance Awards Categories!

The Vetsure Team are thrilled to announce that we have been selected as finalists in two major insurance awards categories! Congratulations to our Claims Team who have been selected for the final group in the Insurance Times – Claims Team of the Year Award and to our Customer Service Team who have made it to the final round of the British Insurance Awards for Customer Care!

Everyone in the team is so incredibly proud of these two groups for their tireless work and continuous determination to go above and beyond in what they do.

Customer Care

As one of our Vetsure policy holders, you know that we pride ourselves on our excellent levels of customer service and always aim to go the extra mile for our entrusted pets and their owners.

Both our Claims and Customer Service Teams are animal enthusiasts! so we understand the bond between pets and their owners. We know that when a pet becomes injured or falls ill, it can be one of the toughest things to go through. Worrying about a pet is something we’ve all experienced. When a pet is unwell, it’s almost impossible to think about anything else other than their recovery. This is why we make our processes as straightforward as possible, to give our customers one less thing to worry about, as we ourselves have experienced these difficult times.

In 2022 we introduced a number of initiatives to help our customers in even more ways. Many of the pets we help care for will face treatment in their lives, but some go through incredibly difficult and life changing procedures. We want to give recognition to these brave pets and dedicated owners through our Pet Bravery Awards, where we celebrate the recovery of a beloved pet, sending them a lovely toy to play with and sharing an article about their journey.

Sadly, not all pets will be able to recover. Most of the Vetsure Team are pet owners ourselves, so we know and understand the true pain of losing a pet. It’s heart-breaking when we hear about one of the Vetsure pets passing away as we truly care about all of the pets we insure. Many of our customers may have their own support systems at home, but there are those who unfortunately don’t. We want to ensure that we’re here for all of our customers, so we send out a handwritten condolence card with a pack of Forget Me Not flower seeds to plant in their pet’s memory.

Claims Team of the Year

Our Claims Team are equally as dedicated and passionate about providing top quality service to our policy holders and aim to make the claims process as straightforward and seamless as possible for our customers’ peace of mind.

Since the start of 2022, the hard-working team have been busy processing claims, with some even being reviewed and settled the same day! Through our digital e-claims platform, vets can put forward claims online and Vetsure can then deal with the practice directly, giving pet owners one less thing to worry about. We know that it can be a very stressful time, worrying about a pet and their recovery, so we make our process easy to save our customers the struggle of dealing with this all by themselves.

Another testament to our team’s nature to go above and beyond are our Vetsure for Kids Pet Packs, created by Amey Montgomery, our Senior Claims Assessor here at Vetsure. She is also a Veterinary nurse, mother and animal lover so she really knows her stuff! As some of you may already know, our Pet Packs help children to understand complex conditions that their pet may suffer with and include a range of helpful information on pet care and medicine safety, as well as engaging activities for children to complete. This is another example of the team’s continuous passion and care to go the extra mile and help in any way they can.

Alongside these wonderful initiatives, our Claims Team play a vital role in the Vetsure Family. Their background in veterinary practice is invaluable as they help to educate their fellow colleagues, helping to build a culture of understanding and unanimity between departments.

We are delighted that our hard work and passion had been recognised as part of these insurance awards. This is a huge achievement for Vetsure, and being the only pet insurance company in both insurance awards finals just goes to show that our drive and love for what we do stands out! The best of luck to the Vetsure team members going into the final round, we know you’ll make us proud!

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