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Dog Wins Vetsure Pet Insurance Bravery Award for Perseverance Through Lifelong Condition

When your pet suffers an ongoing illness or condition it can become expensive, that’s why Pet Insurance is designed to be there for you and your companion should you ever need it. Vetsure are committed to working closely with our customers’ vets to provide exceptional healthcare for every pet that’s insured with us, meaning the claims process is simpler, and vet bills can be settled directly with the vet practice so pet owners don’t have to focus on anything except their pet’s recovery.

Meet Frankie, who was diagnosed with bilateral cataracts and a partially detached retina in 2018, when he was just 2 years old. Luckily, Frankie’s owner has Vetsure’s Premier Plus pet insurance insurance policy, which has proved to be invaluable since Frankie’s diagnosis.

Vetsure pet insurance pet bravery award winner Frankie enjoys time in the park whilst playing with a water bottle.

When Frankie was first diagnosed, he underwent cataract surgery, where both cataracts were removed, and a new lens was placed into his left eye to replace the natural lens that was removed during the surgery. He also had another surgery to repair his detached retina.

Over the next 5 years, Frankie has had several different types of medicated and lubricated eye drops, which must be applied multiple times a day, along with some other oral medication as needed. He has regular check-ups with his eye specialist to monitor his eyes and detect any complications as early as possible. Unfortunately, in January 2022, Frankie’s retina re-detached and is now being closely monitored. Thankfully, his general eye health has remained comfortable!

This kind of intensive treatment requires a lot of compliance from Frankie, and patience from his owner, to allow them to apply his eye drops so frequently. It also takes an immense amount of love and dedication from Frankie’s owner to care for him and his medical needs each day. This is a commitment that will last for Frankie’s lifetime, and at Vetsure we’re incredibly proud of both Frankie and his owner for persevering through Frankie’s condition.

Vetsure pet insurance pet bravery award winner Frankie sits and wears a large pair of blue comedy sunglasses.

Frankie has been awarded by Vetsure for his ongoing bravery and perseverance over the years with our Pet Bravery Award. For his bravery, Frankie has received a card from all of us at Vetsure and a new toy for him to play with! Well done Frankie and keep up the hard work!

All Vetsure Pet Insurance policies are lifelong, meaning if your pet were to be diagnosed with an ongoing issue whilst you are insured with Vetsure, you would be covered for the rest of their life. With Vetsure you are also able to claim for an unlimited number of unrelated conditions each year, so you don’t have to worry if the worst were to happen. Check out our different types of pet insurance policy and get a quote today!

You can also check if your Vet Practice offers a Pet Health Plan which engages in preventative healthcare, designed to help prevent future health problems before they arise.