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Tips on how you can keep children and dogs safe.

At Vetsure we know how important our pets are to us, big or small they really complete our family circle, and provide an unconditional friendship that is second to none. Sometimes, a family group will include children as well as our canine counterparts. We all want a happy home, and the best way to keep […]

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Slimy Autumn Dangers – Halloween and Fireworks

Halloween can be lots of fun for families and young children, and you may be tempted to get your pet involved this spooky season. However, your pet probably would not be as keen, and may even be quite overwhelmed. Here’s how you can keep them safe and content throughout the festivities. Pumpkins! Many families will […]

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Why might my pet insurance cost more than my car insurance?!

“Why does my pet insurance cost more than my car insurance?!” is a question that comes up occasionally.  It’s completely understandable that customers will draw comparisons – especially at the current time when people are perhaps more focused on their outgoings and exploring opportunities to cut costs in general.  Pet insurance doesn’t always cost more […]

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