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Top 10 Pets: Why pets are more important companions than ever before!

Let’s be honest, we all know how important our pets are to us, but now they have been found to be even more important! Every year, the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) runs their pet population survey to determine the top 10 pets. This year their survey is across 8,000 households, and their recent data confirms a pet population of 12 million, in the UK alone! Our loyal, furry, loving companions are helping a huge 41% of us pet owners through the current pandemic and beyond.

The importance of pets

Over the last few months we have been thrown into an unsure and unusual time. Our lives have been hit with many massive challenges, from social doubt to economical and emotional challenges, as a result of Covid-19. During these testing times, our pets have continuously been there for us. Our beloved pet family have reassured us, comforted us and emotionally and mentally carried us throughout this difficult and unprecedented time, by providing us with happiness, a regular routine and of course, lots of comfort.

During lockdown, pet owners have been paying extra attention to physical and mental wellbeing by spending more time with their pets and giving extra time to those essential walkies and bonding time through play. As more and more of us have been working remotely from home, we have found we have spare time, perhaps time that was previously spent on commuting, to be with our pet companions. All those hugs, cuddles and wet sloppy kisses were, and still are, a lovely alternative from being able to regularly see our distanced friends and family members.

PFMA Top 10 Pets of 2020

9 million dogs (23% households)
7.5million cats (16% households)
600,000 rabbits (1% households
500,000 indoor birds (1% households)
400,000 Guinea Pigs (1% households)
500,000 domestic fowl (0.3% households)
300,000 tortoises and turtles (0.5% households)
200,000 hamsters (0.5% households)
200,000 snakes (0.4% households)
200,000 lizards (0.3% households)

How pets have become even more important over time.

Only fifty years ago, there were just 5.1million dogs and 4.6million cats. Today, those figures have more than doubled! As per the PFMA, dog population has since grown by 76% and cats have increased by 63%.

Dogs and cats have maintained the number one and two spot, followed by rabbits, and small animals such as indoor birds and guinea pigs.

You can show your dog and cat how much you care and appreciate them by learning some new fun games or by setting up their very own pet playlist!

Source: PFMA announces the UK’s Top Ten Pets and acknowledges their pawesome support through the pandemic