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Dog insurance plays an important part in keeping your four legged friend fit and healthy and provides peace of mind should the unexpected happen. At Vetsure, we believe you should never have to compromise on your dog’s health.

There are many things you can do to keep your dog happy and healthy. Our network of trusted vets provide check-ups and preventative healthcare solutions (such as worming and flea treatments) to help ensure the health and happiness of your dog. They can also offer advice about nutrition, behaviour and many other aspects of pet care. In addition to the routine care you provide your furry friend, we have worked together with our network of vets to bring you a variety of information to assist you in taking care of your pet. We hope you will find these articles useful whether you are deciding on a name for your new pet, researching different breeds or just looking for helpful hints and tips.

Please browse our library of information below.

Choosing the right breed for you

Posted on 18/03/2019

Choosing the right breed of cat or dog can be an exciting but stressful time for prospective owners. There are many things to consider when buying a new pet and here at Vetsure we want to make your researching a little bit easier, we have detailed what to research and look out for when choosing […]

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What dangers you need to know about this Spring

Posted on 07/03/2019

Spring is an exciting time for a pet, there are new smells, new walks, and new friends to meet, but spring it also a time that can bring hazards to your pet’s wellbeing. These are some important things to look out for this spring.   Spring flowers can cause serious harm to your pet, daffodils […]

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Download the 2019 Vetsure DOG Calendar!

Posted on 27/12/2018

Thank you for taking part in the Vetsure calendar competition this year. Our winners were announced here earlier on in the month and we’re pleased to offer you a download for the 2019 dog calendar here:     Click the links to download the three other Vetsure calendars: Download the 2019 Cat Calendar Download the […]

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Fireworks – Keeping your Dog Calm

Posted on 02/11/2018

dog fireworks

We want to help you support your dog through the Firework season. Here are some of our top tips to keep your dog calm…

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Older pets and dementia in animals

Posted on 08/08/2018

It is very distressing for owners to see their once vibrant and energetic pets become slower and less enthusiastic as they enter old age. In some cases, specific problems ensue that can be severe enough for owners to even consider euthanasia. Cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CDS) is a well-documented disorder in dogs and cats whereby there […]

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Keeping your pet safe during summer

Posted on 24/07/2018

To keep your pets safe during this time we have made a list of tips on preventing accidents and safeguarding your pet during the summer time.

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Vetsure Calendar Competition

Posted on 13/11/2017

After the huge success of last year’s competition, we’re super excited to be holding our annual calendar competition for the second year running.

This year we’ll be making not one, but TWO calendars; one for cats and one for dogs!

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Pain relief for dogs

Posted on 13/09/2017

Seeing your dog in pain is distressing for any pet owner. Whilst humans can self-diagnose and often self-medicate, animals cannot. It is therefore important to promptly determine what is causing your dog’s pain in order to treat it effectively, returning them to their usual happy selves as soon as possible.

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How to keep your dog calm at the vets

Posted on 29/08/2017

Keeping your dog calm at the vets can be a challenge for some owners as they may have very anxious and stressed dogs that do not enjoy being poked and prodded by a stranger! Read our top tips for keeping your dog calm…

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Osteoarthritis Information

Posted on 06/07/2017

We know it can be worrying when our furry family members are unwell or diagnosed with a long-term illness but we are here to help you through the tough times so you can get back to enjoying the fun parts of pet ownership.

To aid you during your pet’s treatment we have compiled this basic fact sheet to help shed some light on Osteoarthritis, how it can be treated and what can be expected in most cases.

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