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Your Pets Pawfect Playlist on Spotify!

It’s always hard leaving your cuddly companion at home when you go to work, or when you pop to the supermarket for an hour or two, especially if it means having to leave them on their own. You may feel a sense of guilt – Will they be ok on their own? Will they miss me? What do they get up to? Do they just have a snooze, or do they explore? Jump on the bed and claw the duvet, or perhaps raid the kitchen for all their tasty treats?! Spotify may have the answer!

Whatever they get up to when we’re out, the most important thing is that they’re happy and content and not stressing about when we will return. We want to make them feel good, and the majority of us pet owners all share one thing in common when it comes to feeling good – music!

Spotify dug their paws into the study of music and discovered how pet owners use music with their pets. They conducted an online survey with 5,000 music – streaming pet owners from the UK, US, Australia, Spain and Italy and found that a huge 71% of pet owners play music for their furry friends. Not only that, but 69% of us sing to them and 57% of us dance with our cuddly creatures!

8 in 10 people think their pets enjoy music too and almost half of people believe that music helps to relieve stress for them. That is why Spotify have now created a unique experience to help you create your very own, pawfect playlist for your pet. A playlist that is algorithmically generated so that both of you can enjoy it together at anytime.

The pet playlist isn’t just limited to cats and dogs either, but can be tailored for iguanas, hamsters and even birds too.

Choosing your playlist

Once you’ve selected your pet type you can then go into detail about what music they will like to listen to based on their personality – whether that is relaxed or energetic, shy or friendly. This will help determine their music playlist vibe.

You can also name your playlist after your pet and add a photo of them. Once the playlist has been set up you can then grab your beautiful beagle or timid tortoiseshell cat and dance away. Or, just leave it on in the background whilst you whizz off to grab that loaf of bread…

Create your playlist now at and get those paws stomping and tails wagging!

For more information on pet playlists, you can visit Spotify, or for more pet articles visit our cat and dog pages. Information on our pet insurance policies can be found here or alternatively you can call our friendly team on 0800 050 2022.