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How to: Entertain Pets in a Flat

Like us, our furry friends love to get out and explore, however in the current climate this has proven to be more and more challenging. Along with the struggle of trying to entertain your pets in a flat without the help of a garden. To help combat boredom for both you and your beloved pet, we have come up with a few ways you can entertain your pet from the comfort of your own flat – no garden required!

Find the treats 

This is an easy game which both cats and dogs will love! This is also a great learning game for your pup as it will teach them valuable lessons in behaviour. Tell your dog to wait as you hide all of the treats around a room in the flat– whether that’s healthy ones like chopped carrots or a few special treats like dog biscuits – you could even hide a few of their toys! Have a cat? You can hide a few of their yummy biscuit treats and catnip filled toys too! Then get them to sniff them out and see if your dog can bring the toys back to you. To mix things up, why not make this game into an obstacle course as well. It will help keep their interest and will allow them to burn some energy too!

 Dance Away!

It has been discovered that more than half of us dance with our pets! Make the most of your time indoors and find a fun playlist that both you and your furry friend can enjoy dancing to. You can tailor your pet playlist to suit your companion’s individual needs which will help relieve stress, anxiety and improve your bond with them!

Tug of War

This is a classic game that every dog enjoys! You can easily make your own tug of war toy by twisting and knotting a piece of rope, or you can use one that you already have. Playing tug of war with your dog will not only give them an amazing mental and physical workout, but it will reinforce their obedience and will also help to increase their impulse control. This will be the perfect opportunity to teach your pup basic commands too, such as when to drop or release the rope. 

Pet Massage 

All pets love some much deserved attention! Show your cat or dog some love by giving their coats a good brush. You can even learn some new pet massage techniques to really help them relax, especially if they’re feeling a bit anxious during this time. Not only will massage help relieve anxiety, but it will help with their circulation, wellbeing and increase healing. Pick a moment when they’re feeling calm and then gently start massaging their neck and shoulders in circular motions, moving down to their belly. Here is probably a good place to stop on your cat, but if your dog is responding well to the massage, you could try moving onto their legs and paws if they let you. Some doggy friends will enjoy their paws being touched, but be careful on their paw pads as they may have an automatic “kick” reflex.

Get Crafty 

Being creative is a really fun way to spend your days inside. Have a go at making a new cat scratcher or new toy for your lovable creature. You can use every day bits that you may already have lying around the house, such as a sturdy kitchen roll tube and some rope for cat scratcher, or some flannel or towel and some cotton wool in order to make a cosy toy!

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