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Dog insurance plays an important part in keeping your four legged friend fit and healthy and provides peace of mind should the unexpected happen. At Vetsure, we believe you should never have to compromise on your dog’s health.

There are many things you can do to keep your dog happy and healthy. Our network of trusted vets provide check-ups and preventative healthcare solutions (such as worming and flea treatments) to help ensure the health and happiness of your dog. They can also offer advice about nutrition, behaviour and many other aspects of pet care. In addition to the routine care you provide your furry friend, we have worked together with our network of vets to bring you a variety of information to assist you in taking care of your pet. We hope you will find these articles useful whether you are deciding on a name for your new pet, researching different breeds or just looking for helpful hints and tips.

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Pet owners warned about tick disease

Posted on 17/03/2016

Following the recent news that four separate suspected cases of dogs infected with the tick-borne disease Babesiosis have been identified in Essex, experts are warning of the increased risk from foreign ticks being brought over to the UK.

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“Vetsure was recommended to me”

Posted on 16/03/2016

Vetsure was recommended to me by a friend prior to me getting my puppy Jenson. I was pleased to find that my local vet used Vetsure when I took Jenson for a health check

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“Insurance made easy”

Posted on 15/03/2016

We’ve not put a claim in yet but the idea of not having to pay the full amount up front and then claim back was the main factor we went with Vetsure. Our vets recommended them.

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Posted on 15/03/2016

Great value for money and customer service. Recommended by a friend who is a vet and a great mix of a good quality insurance with a low price.

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“Easy, helpful and reasonable!”

Posted on 14/03/2016

Vetsure stood out amongst reviews for reliability and amount of coverage. I discussed the cover with a very friendly lady who was honest and helpful.

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“Very Helpful and Efficient”

Posted on 14/03/2016

We registered Marley and the help and support from your team was excellent, I would have no problem recommending Vetsure to my friends.

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“Great service”

Posted on 14/03/2016

Great service by all the staff at Vetsure. Incredible friendly and knowledgeable as well caring.

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The new dog microchipping laws: What you need to know

Posted on 22/02/2016

Microchipping Law

Dogs aren’t just pets; they’re family members. Losing a dog can be akin to losing a relative or loved one, so it is becoming increasingly common that owners are looking to take additional steps to prevent such losses.

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How Much Does Dog Insurance Cost?

Posted on 15/02/2016

Dog Insurance

There are many variables that will influence how much your dog insurance will cost. Some of the factors that will affect the cost of your dog insurance include…

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‘Great insurance!!!’

Posted on 11/12/2015

Pet insurance review

When I took out my policy, the lady on the phone was so helpful and explained everything to me in actual English and not insurance language, so I had a pretty good idea of the cover I was taking out, and emailed over the documents straight away! I was very pleased with my initial service!

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